About Us

Who are we?

The brand “FreshJoy” is an R&D collaboration between Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and PS Food & Beverage (S) Pte Ltd. FreshJoy started as an initiative by SUTD and PS Food & Beverage (S) Pte Ltd in Singapore for a Food Innovation competition(FIPA). Through an enhanced 9-month innovation process to develop innovative drink products and market launch strategies, we created a nourishing power drink designed to bring Joy with every sip. FreshJoy is a Fruit Vinegar Drink inspired by the heritage and tales of the Teo family who lived and worked  in Haw Par Villa in the 1960s. 

Teri Teo, Business Development Director of PS Food & Beverage (S) Pte Ltd is the son of Craftsman Teo Veoh Seng. Teo Veoh Seng is the last of a family of Singaporean craftsmen who maintained Haw Par Villa’s 1,000-odd surreal sculptures for the past 68 years. Other generations before craftsman Teo were also involved in the park’s operation. Teri Teo’s grandfather’s drink stand at Haw Par Villa was founded in mid 1967. 

We here at FreshJoy truly appreciate Singapore’s rich cultural heritage and would love to see it preserved for generations to come. However, we understand that traditions have to evolve with the times to remain relevant. As such we created FreshJoy, to bring a fresh feel to Singapore’s history and bring Joy to  the many generations to come.