History of Vinegar


Vinegar is as old as civilization itself! There is evidence that it has been used in Egypt since 3000BC and Babylonian scrolls even suggested that it was used since 5000 B.C..

Vinegar was a mainstay in the medical practices of many cultures for centuries. In ancient Egypt, people drank vinegar for its therapeutic benefits, where it was thought to be effective in relieving sore throat, skin disease and to enhance blood circulation.

Since the late 18th century, vinegar has been used as a therapeutic agent to attenuate obesity, cardiovascular diseases and digestive health. 

In the past, Vinegar was used mostly for culinary purposes, as a flavorful, acidic cooking ingredient, or as a folk remedy that was used to improve digestion. Hence, FreshJoy would like to build onto the fresh concept of a vinegar health drink, with traditions built on the food cultures of olden Singapore, combining both a fresh taste and heritage in a healthy drink.

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