DIY Glass Bottles

Recycling projects with glass bottles not only help save the environment but provide unlimited fun as well! Keep on reading for the best DIY projects you can make with our Gac vinegar drink glass bottles!

What are you waiting for? Start gathering your empty glass bottles for these amazing DIY projects. Our Gac vinegar drink glass bottles are also waiting to be transformed into little saviors of the environment.

Recycling projects with glass bottles are what being a true DIY enthusiast is all about: creative, thrifty, and helpful. At FreshJoy, we hope that you’ll find them as worthwhile and rewarding too.



Joy – trade in 5 empty glass bottles for a free bottle sleeve / surprise free gift

Aside from producing a nourishing power drink, FreshJoy has a recycling programme that lets you trade in your empty washed glass bottles for a free glass bottle sleeve or a surprise free gift. These bottles are then brought back to FreshJoy’s factories where they’re recycled and refilled for use as new batches of products.



Where you can Recycle

1. Blue recycling bin

The National Recycling Programme (NRP) adopts a collection system in which paper, plastic, glass and metal recyclables are deposited into the same blue recycling bin for collection by licenced Public Waste Collectors (PWCs).

After rinsing*, almost all kinds of glass bottles and metal can be saved up and left in the blue recycling bin. From kaya jam jars to our Gac vinegar drink glass bottle, you can recycle them all!

*Did you know? Contamination is the silent recycling killer…

Remember to rinse your containers and recyclables. If they are contaminated with oil stains or residues, it will cross-contaminate everything else near it and it will then get sorted as general waste. In Singapore, a staggering 40% of items are contaminated so next time you’re about to toss a half-full drink into the bin, think again.

2. Incon Green – Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Get Rewarded

Incon Green aims to encourage recycling by bringing convenience to the public by installing reverse vending machines (RVMs) at convenient locations around different areas of Singapore. RVMs makes recycling easy and convenient as they are mostly stationed inside or in the entrance of grocery retail stores. Members get rewarded by recycling – enjoying discounts, rebates and rewards redemption.

Incon Green’s reverse vending machines may be just around the corner. Check out the map to locate the nearest RVMs and help do your part to save our environment

3. Tzu Chi – Community recycling points for a good cause

Tzu Chi – Community recycling points for a good cause. With close to 40 locations islandwide, on every second Sunday of the month, they convert the void decks of HDB block’s communal pavilions, activity areas, and more into pop-up recycling stations. Together with resident committees, people bring their recyclables for sorting while learning about consumerism and environmental protection at the same time.

Once the recyclables are sorted, Tzu Chi sells them to recyclers and proceeds go to support their programmes and services that benefit local communities. Check out their list of what can and cannot be sorted at their recycled points as well as locations around Singapore. Follow along here for information on their next event.

The circular economy is FreshJoy’s endeavor to make a responsible difference in our shared ecosystem. Starting with sustainable farming and a collaboration with local vietnam farmers to increase farm productivity, FreshJoy support the cause of bringing additional income to the Vietnamese farmers. After enjoying a nourishing power drink, FreshJoy introduces several afteruse recycling projects and options of recycling points to propel the continual use of resources and waste reduction.
Going forward, FreshJoy aims to introduce more fruit varieties under our collaboration with farmers initiatives while reducing the waste across the value chain to enable a more efficient and productive circular economy.