History of Gac

Gac Fruit is a superfruit that is extremely rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene , vitamins A, C, and E which has a myriad of potential health benefits. 

close up of fruits hanging on tree

Beta-carotene has been shown to improve vision health, and Gac has 17 times more beta-carotene than tomatoes! 

Gac was even used as a medicine since the 1400s in China, due to its cooling properties, and is called “Mubiezi”. It was used to treat liver and spleen disorders. 



Moreover, Gac was also used in cooking, and was dubbed the “Fruit from Heaven. With its exceptional flavour and vibrant colour, Gac is used in traditional Vietnamese cuisine to mark special occasions. It is used in weddings and new year celebrations. it’s dark orange pulp expresses life, vitality, and longevity.


Knowledge of superfruits like Gac and Soursop might not be known to many, especially to consumers in Singapore where such fruits are not commonly seen. However, these fruits has been around for centuries and the beneficial properties of Gac fruit and Soursop have been explored and studied in modern times, and there is evidence to suggest that many parts of its historical reputation hold truth. While these superfruits are mostly harvested in the sunny farms of Vietnam, FreshJoy is dedicated to bring you nature’s heritage and health fruits specially crafted into a vinegar drink that would bring a smile with every sip.


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