Freshjoy Gac Vinegar Drink is light, refreshing and contains Southeast Asia’s very own superfruit, the Gac fruit.

What is FreshJoy ?

FreshJoy is a Fruit Vinegar Drink inspired by the heritage and stories of the Teo family who lived and worked in Haw Par Villa in the 1960s. At FreshJoy, we want to create the traditional concept of a drink stall combining both a fresh taste and heritage in a healthy drink. Our Vinegar Fruit Drink concept is centered on a balance between Fresh flavor, Nutrition and Heritage.

The space began to take its modern form in 1985, when the Singapore Tourism Board took over the management of the grounds, and began revitalization work on the space. The park’s dynamic evolution continues to this current day.

-Singapore Tourism Board

Health Benefits

Gac is a tasty and trendy new superfruit that has been attested* in science journals to have numerous health benefits. It is amazingly high in Vitamins and Beta-carotene which have been shown to improve vision health. As a society where sitting in front of a computer screen for many hours at a time has become the norm, Gac is the perfect superfruit.

Vinegar is high in Acetic acid which helps our body absorb nutrients like calcium, potassium and vitamins from the foods we eat. 

Studies have shown that Acetic acid is found to suppress body fat accumulation. A study done in Japan has proved that the daily intake of vinegar might be useful in the prevention of metabolic syndrome by reducing obesity*.

Being a food paradise, Singapore offers a multitude of gastronomic and nutritious cuisines. Vinegar helps our body to absorb the important nutrients as well as to suppress body fat

* 1Kha, T., Nguyen, M., Roach, P. (2010). Effects of spray drying conditions on the physicochemical and antioxidant properties of the Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis) fruit aril powder. Journal of Food Engineering.98. 385-392


Our History

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The Environment

Currently, Singapore produces large amounts of wastage yearly. We would like to change that. We would like to promote the 3Rs in Singapore.

We want to reduce the use of disposable plastics in Singapore as it not only accounts for the highest proportion of waste that Singapore generates at 908600 tonnes but it also has the lowest rate of recycling at only 4%. As such, we have opted to use non-disposable use glass bottles instead.

To promote reusing, we have placed much thought into the design of our bottles, making it durable to be reused as a water bottle, and beautiful, to be reused as a vase or terrarium to decorate our garden city.

Although glass has a relatively high rate of recycling in terms of packaging materials at 19% for Singapore, it is still considered low compared to the rest of the world, we hope to improve this. We are giving 10 cents back for the bottles that you return to us!


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We here at FreshJoy are lovers of Singapore’s rich cultural heritage and would love to see it preserved for generations to come. However, we understand that traditions have to evolve with the times to remain relevant. As such we have decided to create FreshJoy, to bring a Fresh look to Singapore’s history and bring Joy to the many generations to come.

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